please allow me to see your eyes the eyes of smoldering coal the eyes of driving hard bargains the eyes of dark silence demanding respect the eyes of a lone wolf staking territory on my body the eyes of a thief stealing into my heart and carrying off my innocence please allow me to touch […]


Too cold and driven, am I? Too riven? Too much the two-spirited one? Blame the blade: the divide between allowed and allowable. One pronoun, never unleashed, hunting its match in the contrary Repelling (and pursuing) the like charge; hopeless, enticing its opposite. The locked-away sound of the poet; a sad dog in a winter. Cellar whimpering: […]

The Banker and the Sweep

When Death comes to your door you are dreaming. It’s the usual nightmare: you’re at the Bank. Clients are lined up to the door. They’re furious. Your assistant is quelling them, her cherubic face glowing. She hangs their camel coats, settles them into the ox blood wing-backs, offers them coffee, and smooths their ruffled feathers. […]

The Stain

i splatter this faggot poem on the wall of this notorious public toilet it is pornographic graffiti dedicated to a headless man with blue serpent tattoos who left me alone five minutes ago (if he saw me on the street he’d spit) go ahead read it you won’t catch anything it’s about my lust not […]


she called me at three in the morning and told me about meat venison   the wild taste still leaping off her tongue. she said she needed meat she was poor her boyfriend shot the deer hung it dripping in her shed   she gave her flesh in exchange or ate his though she gagged when she said […]