you’ve got angels up the wazoo. i know, i’ve heard it all before. your car goes off a cliff and you just float through the windshield unharmed, you’re so bloody grateful for the angel of accidents. your arteries plug up, strangle your heart. surprise! you live another 30 years. thanks and praise
to the angel of heart attacks.

well right now the angel of
platitudes is gorging himself on your stinking gratitude. the angel of salmonella is making sandwiches
of disease, spreading them thick with miracle whip. the angel of black eyes is staggering drunk
on the syrupy pleas of your bruised women. the angel of sleaze is poking his nosy x-ray eyes into your titty

in my nightmare, angelsquid slither
all over my body, heavenly beaks clack clacking salvation, wingfins flapping,
redeeming tentacles raising sucker scars on my lovely red flesh. in threes, angelsquid in top hats, screeching
hallelujah!   hallelujah! like some fishy broadway chorus: glittering
heels step-kick, step-kick. i wake up

angels have damned me to hell. they’ve given me this cloven hoof, this
flicker of tongue, this green green apple. if i had my way, i’d take other
angels one at a time from behind, my searing horn disappearing into their holy,
holy holes. enough about me. i’ll forgive petty sins, i’ve chosen you for
mercy, i’ve changed my mind about evil.

i’m lying, through my yellow teeth.

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