please allow me to see your eyes
the eyes of smoldering coal
the eyes of driving hard bargains
the eyes of dark silence demanding respect
the eyes of a lone wolf staking territory on my body
the eyes of a thief stealing into my heart and carrying off my innocence

please allow me to touch your jacket
the jacket of black bull hide
the jacket of bare-chested rebellion
the jacket of all those hard-dicked bombers over dresden
the jacket of back-street boys luring queers for quick blow-jobs
the jacket of 50’s back-seat girls cum soaked soiled prom queens

please allow me to smell your sweat
the sweat of black earth
the sweat of blue-collar wet five o’clock workmen
the sweat of secret high school football team jockstraps
the sweat of trucks and machine guns and barracks and jackhammers
the sweat of tough boys who masturbate behind schools spew defiance all over the system

please allow me to lick your boots
the boots of renegade soldiers
the boots of hot motorcycle engines
the boots of shit-kicker dry dust cowboys
the boots of bad cops making deals with their cocks
the boots that kick the tight guilty ass of convention

please allow me to feel your hand
the hand of coming of age
the hand of the blindfold before trial by fire
the hand of my father that strokes me to sleep
the hand of pumping your iron dick steam train piston
the hand of the beast and the whip and the crop and the rein
the hand with the callus from salt air and hemp and the cocks of straight soldiers

please allow me to take your meat
the meat of big guns through glory holes banging their rounds down my hungry throat
the meat of rough trade sucked hard under false threats of beating
the meat of all those horny men who buck like rutting rams
the meat of drunk cowboys rock hard feigning sleep
the meat of wild dogs howling
the uncut meat
the meat

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