The Stain

i splatter this faggot poem on the wall of this notorious public toilet it is pornographic graffiti dedicated to a headless man with blue serpent tattoos who left me alone five minutes ago (if he saw me on the street he’d spit) go ahead read it you won’t catch anything it’s about my lust not […]


she called me at three in the morning and told me about meat venison   the wild taste still leaping off her tongue. she said she needed meat she was poor her boyfriend shot the deer hung it dripping in her shed   she gave her flesh in exchange or ate his though she gagged when she said […]


you’ve got angels up the wazoo. i know, i’ve heard it all before. your car goes off a cliff and you just float through the windshield unharmed, you’re so bloody grateful for the angel of accidents. your arteries plug up, strangle your heart. surprise! you live another 30 years. thanks and praise to the angel […]


Too cold and driven, am I? Too riven? Too much the two-spirited one? Blame the blade: the slice between allowed/allowable. He: one pronoun, never unleashed, seeking the opposite in its identical Repelling (and seeking) the like charge, enticing its polar opposite. The locked-away sound of the poet; a sad mutt in a winter Cellar whimpering: the barely audible […]


The needle knits the shorn ram whole From the spinners wheel, the whir of reuniting Is a man really made by his clothes? What kind of mother would permit this? Over the cliff pasture clouds knit themselves together Berry-black and ripe with hail When men face one another, stone-faced and winter-lean The women prepare their […]